Are Deodorant Containers Recyclable?

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Deodorant is a daily must-have, but once used up, the plastic container can’t be easily recycled. This leaves many wondering – are deodorant tubes actually recyclable? The answer is complicated, but there are sustainable options.

The Trouble with Recycling Deodorant Containers Most deodorant tubes contain a mix of plastic resins, metals, and materials not accepted by curbside recycling. The caps and applicators especially tend to be non-recyclable. This makes deodorant tubes difficult to recycle normally.

How to Sustainably Dispose of Deodorant Containers Though not readily recyclable, there are eco-friendly options for disposing of deodorant containers:

  • Check for Recycling Symbols – Look for numbers indicating what plastics are used. This can identify if any parts are recyclable.
  • Use Mail-In Programs – TerraCycle offers mail-in programs to recycle hard-to-recycle materials like deodorant tubes.
  • Choose Sustainable Brands – Opt for natural deodorants with biodegradable packaging from companies like Afshan Packaging. Their plant-based plastic tubes are compostable.
  • Switch to Solid Deodorant – Brands like Afshan Packaging offer solid deodorant sticks packaged in their sustainable biodegradable plastic tubs. This avoids tube waste entirely.

The Bottom Line

Deodorant containers can’t go in curbside recycling. But by checking plastic types, using mail-in programs, and choosing brands like Afshan Packaging with eco-friendly plant-based packaging, you can dispose of deodorant sustainably.

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