How to Clean a Case of Packaging

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How to Sanitize Your Product Packaging Before Filling
Properly cleaning your product packaging before filling is an important step to ensure safety and quality. Follow these best practices to sanitize plastic bottles, glass jars, and other containers.

Start by checking if your specific packaging needs to be sanitized. Food, supplements, cosmetics, and other products meant for human consumption or use typically require sanitized containers.

Research your packaging material’s cleaning compatibility. Most plastics and glass can be washed with hot water and detergent, but verify temperature tolerances. You don’t want to warp or degrade the containers.

For plastic, soak bottles in a sanitizing solution of 1 teaspoon bleach or vinegar per quart of warm water for at least 7 seconds. Shake while submerged to contact all interior surfaces. Air dry fully before capping.

For glass, boiling water immersion is an easy sanitizing method. Submerge jars in boiling water with a touch of bleach for 10 minutes. The heat will kill bacteria. Remove and air dry.

The dishwasher sanitization cycle is another good option for glass and high-temperature plastic. Wash on the hottest setting and dry completely.

For large batches, workstations with spray jets to circulate cleaning solutions may be needed. Automated rinsers help speed up the process.

Always inspect packaging after washing. Look for debris, film, or spots indicating residual contamination. Re-wash if necessary. Proper sanitation protects your brand reputation.

By following these best practices for cleaning product packaging pre-fill, you can help ensure your products meet quality and safety standards. Reach out if you need guidance selecting packaging compatible with your sanitizing process.

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