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For over a decade, Afshan has been a leading provider of high-quality airless pump bottles. Our products are certified by ISO9001:2015-11723QU0076-04R1M, BSCI-156-035305-001, and other standards, ensuring compliance and safety.

Our capabilities span design, prototyping, mass production, and packaging – we handle everything in-house. This allows us to deliver customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Our airless bottles cater to diverse industries like cosmetics, skincare, pharmaceuticals, and more. Key features include:

  • Wide range of capacities from 3ml to 1000ml
  • Precise dosage outputs: 0.1ml, 0.23ml, 0.45ml, up to 4ml
  • Material options: PP, PET, PETG, AS, acrylic, and recycled PET (PCR)
  • Innovative pump designs: external spring, all-plastic, mono plastic
  • Leakproofing withstands -0.06MPa vacuum pressure
  • High efficiency with ≤5% product residual
  • Custom finishes: anodizing, screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, aluminum jacketing, spray effects

For any project requiring airless pump bottles, contact us today to explore how Afshan can fulfill your needs with exceptional quality and service. Over a decade of experience has prepared us to handle your most complex and unique requirements.

end-to-end manufacturing process of Airless Pump Bottle

At Afshan Packaging, we have the expertise to bring your custom airless bottle designs to life. Watch this video for an inside look at our end-to-end manufacturing process – from initial concept to finished product.

See how we collaborate with you to engineer innovative solutions tailored to your product’s unique needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to rapidly prototype and refine designs until we achieve your vision.

Then, we leverage our full in-house production capabilities to manufacture your bottles at scale. Strict quality control ensures consistency and reliability. No matter how complex your requirements, we have the technical knowledge and experience to deliver.

Let Afshan Packaging turn your airless bottle ideas into reality. Discover our unmatched capabilities for custom design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Certifications and Test Reports

Afshan Certification
Lotion Airless Bottles

Lotion Airless Bottles

Trust Afshan Packaging's lotion airless bottles to showcase and dispense your formulas flawlessly. Our innovative bottles are engineered to preserve product integrity and enhance the consumer experience.

Airless Cream Bottles

Airless Cream Bottles

Store and dispense creams, gels, and toiletries with our quality selection of lotion and cream bottles. Available in a range of sizes and styles, our bottles neatly organize your personal care products while providing easy, mess-free access.

airless spray bottle

Airless Spray Bottles

Dispense toners, mists and other liquids in a fine, controlled mist with our vacuum-sealed mist spray bottles. The airless design preserves formulas while the leak-proof nozzle ensures an even, mess-free application.

Airless Eye Cream Bottles

Airless Eye Cream Bottles

Our 15ml and 30ml eye cream jars dispense just the right amount of rich creams and gels for the delicate eye area. The small size preserves freshness and portability.

Airless Dropper Bottles

Airless Dropper Bottles

The dropper top on our bottles lets you easily control and dispense the exact amount of liquids, serums and viscous products. Tightly sealed for maximum freshness.

Airless Serum Bottles

Airless Serum Bottles

Our airless pump bottles dispense serums and treatments without exposing them to air. The vacuum seal preserves freshness and potency with each use.

By Materials

Aluminum Airless Bottles

Aluminum Airless Bottles

PP Airless Bottles

PP Airless Bottles

PET Airless Pump Bottle

PET Airless Bottles

Acrylic Airless Bottles

Acrylic Airless Bottles

By Sizes

5ML Airless Bottles

30ML Airless Bottles

airless bottle

50ML Airless Bottles

3 OZ Airless Pump Bottles

4 OZ Airless Pump Bottles

8 oz Airless Pump Bottle

8 OZ Airless Pump Bottles

80ML Airless Pump Bottles

100ml airless pump bottle

100ML Airless Pump Bottles

500ML Cosmetic Airless Dispenser Bottle

By Colors

Black Airless Pump Bottle

Black Airless Pump Bottles

White Airless Pump Bottles

Blue Airless Pump Bottles

purple airless pump bottle

Purple Airless Bottles

Amber Airless bottle

Amber Airless Pump Bottles

gold airless pump bottle

Gold Airless Pump Bottles

Silver Airless Pump Bottles

Silver Airless Pump Bottles

Clear Airless Pump Bottles

By Feature

Dual Chamber Airless Bottles

Dual Chamber Airless Bottles

Frosted Airless Pump Bottles

Frosted Airless Pump Bottles

Square Airless Bottles

Square Airless Bottles

Twist Up Airless Bottles

Twist Up Airless Bottles

Hexagon Airless Bottles

Hexagon Airless Bottles

Rotary Airless Pump Bottles

Rotary Airless Pump Bottles

Advantages of Airless Pump Bottles

Prevent Products from Oxidation

Airless bottles don’t allow air to enter. This can prevent products from oxidation and keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

Luxurious Aesthetics for Standout Appeal

The sleek, elegant aesthetic gives your products a luxurious, distinctive look that stands out from traditional packaging.

Minimal Waste

The piston mechanism in airless bottles dispenses all product contents, eliminating waste.

Work at Any Angle

Airless bottles work at any angle since they operate without gravity.

Leak-proof and Tamperproof

Airless bottles safely protect air- and light-sensitive products, preventing leakage and exposure during storage and transportation.

Multiple Applications

Airless bottles are ideal for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, skincare, and other air-sensitive products.

A Wide Range of Materials

Afshan Packaging offers airless pump bottles in a wide selection of sustainable, high-quality materials to suit your needs, including:

  • Durable, lightweight polypropylene (PP) plastic – easily recycled
  • Crystal clear, shatter-resistant acrylic plastic – won’t absorb colors or odors
  • Sturdy aluminum – withstands high pressure, is non-reactive, and recyclable
  • Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic – reduces plastic waste and pollution

With options in plastic, aluminum, and other materials, we can find the perfect airless bottle solution for your business and sustainability goals. Our expertise ensures durable, customized packaging that protects your product and brand image.

Airless Pump Bottle
Airless Pump Bottle

Applications of Airless Bottles

Airless pump bottles have become a versatile packaging solution across many major industries including:

Cosmetics and Skincare: Airless technology is ideal for premium skincare like facial serums, anti-aging creams, and mineral makeup. The airless system dispenses just the right amount without exposing the remaining product to air, which can degrade ingredients. This helps maintain efficacy and extend shelf life. Popular capacities for cosmetic airless packaging range from 5ml to 150ml.

Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals: Airless bottles provide excellent protection for pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and dietary supplements. The air-free environment protects sensitive ingredients like probiotics from moisture and oxygen. Tamper-evident locks secure contents. Common sizes for nutraceutical products are 30ml, 60ml, and 100ml.

Haircare and Body Care: Airless bottles are great for hair products like conditioners, masks, and styling treatments which can deteriorate when exposed to air. The hermetic seal also allows haircare formulas to be stored upside down for convenience. For body care items like shower gels, airless bottles provide complete evacuation of product. Volume sizes can range from 100ml to 500ml.

With capacities from 5ml to 1000ml, airless pump bottles can be customized to store and dispense almost any formula effectively. Contact our team to explore how airless technology can enhance your packaging.

Multiple Designs Available

Afshan Packaging offers customizable, high-quality airless pump bottles to elevate your product and brand image.

Our extensive selection of airless bottle sizes ranges from 10ml to 150ml, with larger capacity options available. Each bottle is crafted from premium materials and can be tailored to your branding with custom colors, shapes, and decoration.

Whether you need a clear acrylic bottle, solid color PET bottle, or soft-touch matte finish, we can achieve your desired look. Our team will collaborate with you to create distinctive, on-brand airless packaging that protects your product with an air-free, contamination-resistant dispensing system.

Partner with us for custom airless pump bottles that align with your business needs and reflect the uniqueness of your brand. Contact Afshan Packaging today to get started designing the perfect airless solution.

Custom Your Own Logo

Create One-of-a-Kind Airless Packaging with Afshan

Airless Pump Bottle
Airless Pump Bottle Design

With decades of expertise crafting airless solutions, Afshan is the go-to manufacturer for innovative, high-performing airless pump bottles. Our commitment to product excellence and process refinement shines through in every custom airless project.

We use only premium materials to design durable, flawlessly functioning airless bottles tailored to your brand’s needs. Our skilled teams are driven by a passion for perfection and delivering packaging that protects your product while reflecting your vision.

As a trusted leader in airless technology, Afshan builds long-term partnerships with clients seeking the ultimate combination of quality, value, and service. Get in touch with us to experience the difference of working with an airless specialist focused on your success.

Airless Pump Bottle

Free Samples Available

Experience the quality of Afshan's airless pump bottles by requesting free product samples today. Our hassle-free sampling program allows you to evaluate our bottles firsthand before ordering. We'll promptly send samples showcasing our range of materials, decorations, and designs. Once you try our airless packaging, we're confident you'll make Afshan your trusted source. Let us impress you with our commitment to excellence. Contact us now to get started with free airless samples tailored to your business needs.

aireless bottle surface finishing

Custom Surface Finishes

Afshan offers diverse finishing techniques to customize airless pump bottles, including screen printing, hot stamping, electroplating, and labeling. These options allow us to add unique, professional branding elements tailored to your product and image. Our surface decoration expertise enhances visual impact while reflecting your brand identity.

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Airless Pump Bottles Manufacturer: The Ultimate Guide

Airless bottles utilize an innovative non-pressurized vacuum system for dispensing. A powered pump mechanism inside the bottle features a rising disc that pushes product out when the pump head is pressed down. This airless technology maintains the integrity of the contents by preventing exposure to air until fully dispensed. The hermetic sealing preserves freshness and product performance.

Airless pump bottles dispense contents using an internal vacuum system instead of air pressure. This innovative technology protects products by preventing contamination and oxidation. 

The airless system extends product shelf life by preventing exposure to external environments that can cause contamination and oxidation. It is ideal for formulas highly sensitive to air and light.

  • Leakproof and tamper evident
  • Minimizes waste – dispenses all product
  • Prevents air exposure and contamination
  • Maintains product freshness and shelf life
  • Allows 360 degree dispensing at any angle
  • Protects sensitive formulas like serums and natural creams
  • Safe for shipping and transportation

Our airless pump bottles are primarily constructed from sustainable PP and PCR plastics. For a premium look, we also offer acrylic and aluminum outer bodies.

Afshan provides airless pump bottles in sizes ranging from 15ml to 500ml to suit different capacity needs.

Afshan offers diverse finishing techniques to customize airless bottles including silk screen printing, heat transfer, digital printing, labeling, electroplating, color injection molding, exterior painting, interior spraying, and more.

Submit your detailed sample specifications and our sales team will promptly respond with quotes and lead times to provide you with custom airless bottle samples.

We offer complimentary standard samples so you can evaluate our quality firsthand. For custom samples tailored to your specifications, our sales team will promptly provide pricing and production time estimates. Submit your requirements and we’ll respond with a quote for custom airless bottle samples.

Our standard MOQ for custom cosmetic packaging is 10,000 pieces but lower minimums around 1,000 pieces may be possible for certain products. Please contact us and we will work to accommodate your business needs.

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