Clear Empty Screw Cap Round Plastic Face Cream Cosmetic Jars

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Elevate your product presentation with our Clear PET Straight Sided Plastic Jars. Ideal for the Personal Care and Beauty industry, these containers feature a streamlined profile with straight sides, offering easy access and efficient filling.

Perfect for creams, gels, powders, and various ingredients. Suitable for diverse applications including Beauty, Balms, Gels, Dry Ingredients, Food, and Bath Salts. The clear PET material not only showcases your product but also serves as an educational tool for consumers. Choose functionality and visual appeal with these excellent containers.


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Meet the Clear PET Straight Sided Plastic Jars—an exceptional choice for various applications, particularly in the Personal Care and Beauty realm. This shoulderless container boasts straight sides, providing a sleek profile that enhances shelf presence.

This versatile container is well-suited for a multitude of applications, making it an ideal choice for industries such as Personal Care, Beauty, Balms and Gels, Dry Ingredients, Food applications, and Bath Salts. Its clear PET construction not only showcases your product attractively but also serves as an educational tool for consumers, allowing them to see the contents. Elevate your packaging with the Clear PET Wide Mouth Straight Sided Plastic Jars—an excellent blend of functionality and visual appeal.

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Our cosmetic and skincare packaging solutions benefit clients a lot. Below are the advantages of our services.

Affordable and Fast Production

We equip with advanced machines to allow us to produce the samples and final products quickly. And our high-volume production also allows us to have cost-effective cosmetic packaging products.

Full Customizations

We offer full customizations for your unique cosmetic bottles and jars projects. We can create your own mold according to your design. Besides, custom colors, materials, capacities, and surface finishes are available.

Wide Range of Materials and Techniques Used

We are experts in different skincare packaging techniques that allow us to produce excellent bottles and jars. Our wide range of plastic materials meets your specifications.

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Yes, we have a MOQ “minimum order quantity” for different products. Some are 1000pcs, some are 3000pcs, some are 10000pcs. It depends on your project.

Samples are offered as free, but shipping cost should by paid by your side. But if you need the customized samples, like customized color, customized printing, and etc, it will charge samples fee after confirming with you.

We have been providing cosmetic packaging for long years with rich experience and professional knowledge, you can tell us your project details with our sales team. We will help you determine which cosmetic packaging is right for your product to perform perfect stability, compatibility and shelf lie.

Standard cosmetic bottles or jars usually require that dipping your finger in the dispense product or using a dip tube. But the airless pump design use a clever vacuum mechanic to dispense the product out when you pump. It helps keeping the product safely and your clients get full usage of the product.

Press the Request Sample button on the item page or click here and select “Sample Request” and let us know where we should ship the sample. Please refer to the terms and conditions on the sample application form for details.

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