What Does 100 ml/3.4oz Look Like? Travel Toiletries Size Guide

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You may have heard that the TSA limit for airplane carry-on liquids is 100 ml or 3.4 oz. But what does 100 ml actually look like? This post explains the real-world size of 100 ml bottles for air travel toiletries.

How Big is 100 ml?

100ml less than cocole

      • 100 ml = 3.4 fluid ounces

      • 100 ml is about 1/3 of a standard 12 oz soda can

      • 100 ml is 42.5% of a US measuring cup (250 ml)

      • 100 ml is 2 mini 50 ml liquor bottles

    So 100 ml is quite small! It’s not even half a cup.

    What Does 100 ml Look Like For Common Toiletries?

    Here are some examples to visualize how far 100 ml goes for different products:

        • Toothpaste: 100 ml toothpaste should last 1 month with pea-sized amounts.

        • Shampoo: 100 ml shampoo gives 9-10 washes for shoulder length hair. You may need more for long hair trips.

        • Sunscreen: You need ~30 ml to cover your body. A 100 ml bottle gives 3 full applications. Consider solid sunscreen sticks for longer trips.

        • Body wash: You might use 30 ml per shower. A 100 ml bottle won’t last long. Pack bar soap instead.

        • Eye cream: Use just 1 ml per application. 100 ml could last over 3 months! Go smaller.

        • Mouthwash: 20 ml per use means a 100 ml bottle gives only 5 rinses. Try mini Listerine strips instead.

      Tips for Packing Carry-On Toiletries

          • Don’t default to 100 ml bottles. Go smaller for items you use less of.

          • Buy empty travel bottles and decant only what you need from big bottles. Saves money too!

          • A quart ziplock bag fits ~7-8 max sized bottles. Plan accordingly.

          • Many makeup and cosmetic products count as liquids too. Only pack what you really require.

        Hope this gives you a better sense of how much 100 ml is and how to best use your quart bag space! Safe travels.

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